Sine Voce is the Latin for "without a voice". I like how this has become praised as one of my most interesting pieces of work so far because I have spent the most time on this. Not that I invested numerous hours on the physical piece, but the concept and idea of "sine voce" is one that has been culminating in my head for actually several years. 

This is a piece that started out as a notebook doodle several years ago, then recreated later on a piece of think card stock with Copic pens and markers, and now has been recreated digitally. It was probably drawn a few more times in between, but each time I drew it, it slightly changed. The face itself had become simpler (it now lacks any facial features other than the mouth and nose) and more emphasis has been put on the drawing of the mouth, neck, and knot in the throat- the one thing that has been consistently present in every draft of this idea. 

Now that it has received some attention and is becoming a more finalized piece, I have been trying to analyze the piece- especially as it has changed over the years. My first draft was detailed; it included hair, eyes, ears, a shirt, and the knot in the throat. The second one was also detailed; it also included hair, shading, colors, and a full set of facial features. The difference between the first and second drafts is that a lightning bolt with the word "sine voce" on it protrudes from the mouth of figure in the second draft. Now in the latest replica, the vocal throat area is all but exploding out of the neck area- though there is nothing coming from the mouth. Is this because I have finally found my voice? Is it because I am making progress with my social and emotional anxieties? Or is it less because of my progress in actually gaining this voice but more about the realizations I've recently come to about things I was previously afraid to address.. The actual meaning behind this piece will come with time, just as the piece itself did.

This really does prove that my best art is made when I'm not aiming for a specific goal, reward, or concept. These pieces are also starting to come less sporadically, and I am more consistently making art that I am happy with. I really do need to continue making art in this fashion- especially after I recreate this piece with physical media. 
I will later try to find some of the previous drafts of this piece; I know I have the Copic Marker one, but I am not terribly sure about the original materialization of the concept that most likely occurred on a stray piece of paper or in a notebook during class.

It's funny. The other piece I plan to submit to Scholastics also originated from a doodle.

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