For the third marking period, I researched Ralph Steadman for my artist study. Steadman is a British artist and illustrator. His signature style is very eccentric and scratchy, which can be seen in his cartoons, illustrations, and his signature and handwriting. He is definitely has a unique mind and style, something I tried to emulate in this poster. His signature is found at the bottom left, for a signature is the sort of trademark or "stamp" that every person has. Each signature is unique to whom they belong to, so it seemed to me that including Steadman's signature in the poster is a must. His handwriting is just as distinct as his drawing style, so I included a picture of a handwritten quote and a doodle. "I am not like others" describes the British artist and his work, he has a distinguished style that is definitely very different from most illustrators. 
And of course, I included a picture of Steadman himself doing a fabulous arabesque in the grass, because he is just simply fabulous and this picture was just too perfect.

Mike Guyer

You should make this clickable so that the image gets larger the way it does in your portfolio. I think you crushed this assignment! Simple, and accurate. Well done.


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