I am going to be completely honest. The deadline for this hit me a lot faster than I would like to admit. I worked so hard on the first two of these works, that this project quickly and unfortunately turned in to "8 Works|1 Night". 

Overall, I can say that I really liked a lot of these works. However, I learned more from this project than I think I've learned from any previous art assignment. Time management works much differently when faced with multiple works rather than one. I've been so used to taking my time and perfecting one piece, that this project took an unfortunate turn for the frantic. I wasn't trying to procrastinate; I was working. But I didn't work at an appropriate pace for this kind of assignment.

I really like my summer pieces a lot better than these pieces, and I plan to either pursue that or go in a Russ Mills-inspired direction and try to get more expressive with my work while still keeping some parts rendered and clean. I have definitely learned my lesson for the next ten works, and I will try to work on my time management.

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