I'm not entirely sure if I like this one. I tried to be more "expressive" and add more colors but I feel like I got a little carried away. My work looked much better when I only had one color, so maybe I should just have two colors or several shades of the same color. It seems to work best when I keep it simple.

I'd also like to try a Guy Denning sort of thing with the multi-colored skin tones, something I experimented with my summer work and with some of my digital work. Maybe I could combine my meticulous line work with the multi-colored shading like I did in my summer work. Or I could continue keeping the people monochromatic and more line-oriented and use a single paint color to add the expression.

I'm still not sure which direction to take, but I know I'm not all that happy with this work.

It may be the quality of the wood, or the fact that I didn't really have a plan or that I tried to take on too much. I might either try smoother wood, gesso the wood, or try working on canvas again if I can't find the quality of wood I need to be able to draw and paint on it.


This direction is definitely the right one for you. I wrote a lot in your journal today about some other possible media you could use in these illustrations. I think you should post and blog about the digital piece you created for critique titled "Sine Voce". That piece has HUGE potential to become an entire series of work. The style is great, and I think there is a way to translate it into physical media and retain a lot of the layered photoshop flavor.


I just posted a blog post about the "Sine Voce" work. I actually had more to write about it than I originally thought, and I had significantly more to say than I did in the critique. This piece does have some history, and I was able to think and reflect on it a little more in the blog.


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